Student blogging challenge.

i created a picture that represents me. I found the pictures on the internet and the app I used to create this picture is called “Explain Everything”image

3 thoughts on “Student blogging challenge.

  1. Hi Grace-

    What a cool collage you’ve created! I’ll have to share this app with my students. Do you use your smartphones in class or does your school have ipads for everyone? We’ve just gone to bring-your-own-device and only about five students bring their phones to class each day, so I can only use technology when I have a chromebook cart in my room. 🙂

    So…what will you write about for this week’s challenge? Have you picked a topic? I think I’ll write about tigers, since I researched them about a month ago when I created a sample presentation for our social issues unit.

    We only have 25 more school days before summer break. Yahoo! When is your next break?

    Mrs. Rombach, your SBC mentor

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